HTTP engine

The HTTP engine is the responsible for taking an HTTPRequest and returning the response as an HTTPResponse object.

The following engines are provided:

  • HTTPEngineRequests based on the requests; this engine is chosen by default
  • HTTPEngineReplay to be able to record and replay requests (more info)

Changing the engine

The method HTTPAdapterSpec.set_engine can be used to switch to an other engine:

>>> from sdkite import Client
>>> from sdkite.http import HTTPAdapterSpec

>>> class ExampleClient(Client):
...     _http = HTTPAdapterSpec("")
...     # directly when defining the Client class
...     _http.set_engine(ExampleEngine)

# or afterwards
>>> ExampleClient._http.set_engine(ExampleEngine)

# but not once the client is instantiated!
>>> client = ExampleClient()
>>> client._http.set_engine(ExampleEngine)
Traceback (most recent call last):
AttributeError: 'HTTPAdapter' object has no attribute 'set_engine'


The engine must be set on the HTTPAdapterSpec of the root client, otherwise it is not used.

Passing arguments to the engine

Arguments can be passed to the engine by providing them directly to set_engine.

>>> class ExampleClient(Client):
...     _http = HTTPAdapterSpec("")
...     _http.set_engine(ExampleEngine, 'pos0', 'pos1', kw0=13, kw1=37)